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Imposter Syndrome

Don’t be positive or negative, be alive. Put your shield up and smile My mind tells me to hide You don’t deserve such a life They’re gonna find out, pointing me out Imposter syndrome is killing me now There is no doubt that I’m a cow——ard Self-doubt keeps coming around Telling me to shut my … Continue reading Imposter Syndrome


I smiled a lot. I hided everything in my smile. I hided my real happiness and my sadness Every smile gave me hope Every smile reminded me to move on The older I get The less smiles I have It’s not that I’m not happy with my life It is just,… I’m too tired to … Continue reading Older


People always remember what others did to them How they was hurt They don’t remember what they did to others How they was hurt No matter what you do You are still the bad one That’s how they protect themselves It not a bad way though But it hurts others too

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